About Z-OX® Freedom to Organize

The people behind Z-OX® , headquartered in Logan Utah, USA, have decades of experience in commercial and high end residential design building and construction, retail, repair and maintenance, manufacturing, product design and development. A common issue we all have faced was how best to organize, especially in a changing world. There clearly was a need for a better, stronger, more adaptable system for holding, storing, displaying, assembling, welding, fixing, hanging, you name it, than what has been available. 

One feels like  David going up against the Goliath of disorder, but without the proverbial sling, a superior tool! 

David without his sling is near hopeless against Goliath, and getting organized without good organizational tools, is hopeless too. 

Welcome to Z-OX® the sling to slay chaos and disorder. 

Z-OX® is just the superior tool we all have been waiting for to gain order. The Z-OX® system, due to its superior strength, and flexibility, gives the freedom to organize and adapt as needed.

The most cost effective way to organize in most situations is for a fluid transition and for a natural and organic move to order. Remember it is human nature to organize and sort, they are the building blocks of systems like 5S, Six Sigma and the “Everything in its place and a place for everything”. Z-OX® is strong enough to make the “Everything in its place rule happen.

At Z-OX® we want to help you and your organization do more with  your time, space, and energy.  Please email or give us a call to get started.

Thank you kindly,

Jeffrey Steffen Keller Founder