About Z-OX® Control Your Space

Everyone, but maybe a tiny few, would benefit from more order of things in their lives, at work, home or play.

My particular need for order was driven by my own huge disorder, just ask any of my friends!

The available products to try and attempt to organize were insufficient.
Let alone have any flexibility to change.

There was no system that could do it all. And we needed to use the space, big and small, that we had, to their fullest!

The need to maximize space, led to the questions:

What about a wall that could do it all?
What about a wall that could take control of all the stuff and hold many different things?
Big or small. Heavy or light. Shelved or Hooked.
A wall that could hold bins of bolts, shelves and hooks; and not just any hook, but hooks that lock in and can hold 100 pounds of chain?

Well, welcome to Z-OX® Freedom to Organize™

Z-OX® redefines how to use space because Z-OX® is that wall that can do it all.

Take Control of your Space.

Z-OX® is the superior tool we all have been waiting for to gain order. The Z-OX® system, due to its superior strength and flexibility, gives the freedom to organize and adapt as needed.

At Z-OX® we want to help you and your organization do more with your time, space, and energy. Please email or give us a call to get started.

Thank you,
Jeff Keller
Z-OX® founder