Z·OX® - Transform Your Space™

The Z-OX® mission is to provide the best tool to make space more useful and functional. From showcasing product, to managing pipes, plumping and electrical runs, Z-OX® can hold inventory, part, tools, supplies, shipments, and keep things off the floor to benefit all industries.

Space is limited. Think of Z-OX® as an employ who's 24/7 job is to make organization happen and maximize and organize workspaces to increase efficiency, safety, comfort, and productivity. 

Z-OX® provides endless flexibility, adaptability, and strength to meet the ever changing needs. Z-OX® is a strong reliable employee built to last. 

How does Z-OX® Transform Space™?

Z·OX® is a patented mounting surface and accessory system working in unison to securely hold what ever needs holding to maximizes the functional use of space.

A Z-OX® system provides a safer, more efficient, cleaner work environment. 

Until Z·OX®  there has not been a product to provide  many of the tools needed to implement 5 S and 6 sigma organizational controls. With Z-OX®  strength, flexibility, and adaptability, to organize tools, parts, inventory, 5 S and Six Sigma systems can occur more fluidly and organically.

The benefits of a more agile and effective use of spaces, that Z·OX® provides will knock your socks off.

Please take a look and learn more about what Z·OX® can do for you. 

Thank you,