•           Z-OX           Freedom to Organize

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          Z-OX           Freedom to Organize

          Z-OX           Freedom to Organize

          Z-OX           Freedom to Organize

          Z-OX           Freedom to Organize

                  It's About Time                                     It's About Space                                     It's About Energy                   It's About Efficiency

In other words  it's about being organized

and it's about time there was a tool to help take total control of order and organizing whether it be on the shop floor, on a ship, in a garage, you name it. 
Continue browsing to see more how Z-OX® can help your organization.

Save time and money by always having what you need where you need it, no matter what it is. Z-OX’s patented design is the simplest, strongest, and most customizable wall-storage solution around.

Utah State University Outdoor Program

Utah State University Outdoor Program provides outdoor activity rentals and servicing for university students. Z-OX is used for organization and work spaces as well as allowing storage and display areas to easily adapt to changing seasons and equipment needs

Metal Vision

Metal Vision uses Z-OX workstations in their welding and fabrication building to hold various components in a way that can easily be reorganized for new projects, as well as holding a veriety of stock componants,

I was sold when I saw Z-OX, I fell in love with Z-OX when I used it.

-Andy K.

President, KB Engineering

"Once I understood Z-OX® everything else was frustrating and disappointing"

-Dave A.

Owner, IPACO

 "Organizing becomes something you do, and want to do, because you can"

-KC J. 

Project Manager, Metal Vision

Custom Orders

Custom installations and fixtures are available. Please contact our engineering team for more information.